Regardless of the size or location of your event,

we will get you connected to fiber speed WIFI.

Your guests need to stay connected.
Your vendors need to stay connected.
Your production team needs a dedicated network.
Anything your event needs, we will make it happen.

Your event requires hundreds of hours of preparation by your teams. We will be right there beside them.

At a high level :

  • We do an initial walk of the venue
  • We identify high volume areas
  • We identify production team & back of stage requirements
  • We identify artist & vendor needs
  • We identify multi-layer redundancy needs

From there we analyze the data, combined with expected visitor counts and we develop a detailed comprehensive Internet and WiFi solution for your event, complete with aerial visualization maps.


Event Wi-Fi & Internet Connectivity

  • Total Event WIFI
  • Guest Pay WiFi / Attendee WiFi
  • Vendor WIFI (Shared / Dedicated)
  • WIFI Hotspots
  • ATM WiFi
  • Public WiFi
  • Point of Sale WiFi
  • Dedicated Production Connectivity
  • Sponsor & Hospitality WIFI
  • Wireless 4G & 5G – All Carriers
  • Fiber, CAT5, CAT6
  • Point to Point WIFI
  • Dedicated LAN
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Mobile Office / Mobile Sleeping

  • Mobile Offices
  • Mobile Sleeping Trailers
  • Copy, Scan, Faxing
  • Large Scale Printing
  • Satellite Imagery Printing
  • Map and Poster Size Printing
  • Production Printing
  • Climate Control
  • Small Kitchen
  • Temperature Controlled Sleeping Tents
  • Dedicated Production Connectivity
  • 24/7 Onsite & Remote Support
  • VOIP Phone Services Available
  • Extensions Available
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Event Security & Monitoring

  • Desktop VOIP Phones Available
  • A/C Heating
  • Event Security Cameras
  • Event CCTV
  • Security Management
  • Security detail
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Equipment Rentals

  • 4G & 5G LTE All four Carriers
  • Laptop / Desktop Computers
  • Two-way Radios
  • Utility Quads
  • Mobile Power
  • Mobile Lighting
  • Electrical Cords / Connections
  • Need additional equipment not shown, ask us.
More times than not, our answer is “Yes, we have that.”
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VoIP Services

  • Direct Dialed Phone Numbers
  • Extension Dialing
  • Multi-Line Digital Handsets
  • Polycom, Cisco VOIP Equipment
  • VOIP Conferencing
  • Call Parking, Call Forwarding
  • Advanced PBX Functionality
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  • ISP & WISP
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Link Bonding
  • Cloud Control
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24/7 Certified Technicians – Onsite

  • Trained Network Technicians
  • Hourly Diagnostic Checks
  • Cloud Management
  • Speed / Signal Strength Monitoring
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Live Data Usage Monitoring
  • Offsite 24/7 Management
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