Hosting an Indoor or Outdoor Event, A Product Launch, A Corporate Event? No matter how many people are attending your event or how remote it is, we will deliver Fiber speed Internet and WIFI, with bandwidth to spare.

FIBER SPEED Internet & WiFi for ANY Event.

Events require an extreme level of IT expertise to design the correct network for the venue and its bandwidth needs for internet and WIFI. This is our passion.
We design, install, and test our networks with the care and attention to detail needed to ensure a seamless experience for your backstage needs as well as your attendee’s needs.
Whether its Dedicated Internet, free WiFi, or Attendee WiFi, our networks are seamless, provide multiple layers of redundancies, and have bandwidth to spare. In the event you need more bandwidth allocated to a hotspot area unexpectedly, yes we can do that!
Usually in minutes.


We also provide:

Event / Venue IT
Design Services

Full IT Service & Support, from
design to implementation,
(Includes 24/7 onsite monitoring)

Equipment Rentals

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